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Payment Options

Standing Order - This is available to download here (Please fill in and sign the Standing Order Form and send this to MWCIA Head Office for processing via Royal Mail) DO NOT SEND THIS TO YOUR BANK.
This Standing Order will need to be checked by one of the Partners at MWCIA, once checked, this standing order will be sent from this office to your bank.

Annual Fee in Full - This option is available if more beneficial to applicant. However, applicants with an existing dispute must use this option.

Terms & Conditions of Agreement

  1. This is a Service Agreement, whereby MWCIA agree to provide Dispute Resolution Services & Support, and the member agrees to pay the monthly fee set out in the Fee Scale Chart. This is an 'open' Agreement.
  2. Any member joining the scheme with an existing dispute (s) and seeking to benefit from the services of MWCIA with regards to said existing dispute (s) must declare existing disputes and must pay the annual fee in full upon application before any works can be carried out on said dispute (s) by MWCIA.
  3. Should MWCIA accept to provide a member its resolution services on an existing dispute (s) and it transpires at a later time that the dispute is an in depth, complicated dispute or proceedings have already been issued by either side, it will be solely at the discretion of Mr D Waterworth as to whether the dispute(s) will be rejected. N.B. In most cases this will be the exception rather than the rule. Should a dispute be rejected, then a full explanation will be provided. Should the member wish to resign due to an initial dispute rejection, the fee will be returned to the member.
  4. 'Expert Site Day(s) An 'Expert Site Day' refers to any attendance on behalf of a member- at site / representations against Suppliers / meetings with Solicitors or Barristers. On the rare occasion when a member requires MWCIA assistance at a 'pre-trial meeting' a 'Court hearing', or a 'Mediation'. MWCIA will endeavour to provide such services within the category of membership held by the Member.
    Should there be any additional costs regarding the matters set out in 4/ above, this will be fully discussed with the member. N.B. In most cases this will be the exception rather than the rule. Site attendance fees are available on request.
  5. The member accepts that any advice, guidance or support given by any member of staff at MWCIA is provided "without responsibility" and as such the member shall not have the right to levy any claim against any member of MWCIA staff where a member fails in Litigation, Mediation or any disputed matter whatsoever its nature. Advice and guidance given is given in good faith and the member fully accepts that the vagaries of construction dispute resolution are such that a guaranteed outcome in any dispute is not possible to predict.
  6. MWCIA will endeavour at all times to provide the most suitable advice and guidance to conclude a dispute, whatsoever its form or nature, and to the benefit of the scheme member. MWCIA are not Solicitors and should not be construed as such.
  7. MWCIA promise to provide advice, support and guidance on all matters between a member and their customer (residential only), or a supplier of goods to the member. Disputes on Commercial Contracts invariably involve larger Contract Sums, extensive Terms and Conditions and, are usually governed by different rules and contractual Laws than the contract made between a member and a member of the general public. Therefore it will be solely at the discretion of Mr D Waterworth as to whether a member involved in a commercial dispute will be afforded MWCIA services. N.B. In most cases this will be the exception rather than the rule.
  8. MWCIA agree to provide unlimited access to a member with regards to incoming / outgoing - phone calls, e-mails and letters. However, where it becomes patently clear that the member is regularly in a dispute with consumers and it is perceived by MWCIA that the member is failing to - a/ comply to current Consumer Law, b/ failing to adhere to contractual requirements, c/ unwilling to accept the unbiased advice and guidance given by MWCIA, then MWCIA reserve the right to cancel the membership after giving 7 days notice and suitable reasons. There will be no refund given to the member and a full account of all services provided to the member will be set out to the member. Should this be necessary, the full hourly rate of £130.00 plus Vat for all works carried on behalf of the member will become due, if so desired by MWCIA. This action as at the 1st January 2015 has not been necessary against any member.
  9. Sole Trader - We deem a Sole Trader to be 1 - 2 men with 1 Installation Van only.
  10. This Agreement shall run in perpetuity. However this Agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party by giving 14 days written consent.
  11. This Agreement is not transferable.