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Welcome to the Master Window & Conservatory Installers Association


‘How do I get more work?’

Every tradesperson wants more work, indeed the perennial question posed by all trades people working within the UK.

In our opinion, the route to more work is for trades people to be-polite, respectful, professional and provide a good level of workmanship for a fair price.

Sound logical doesn’t it? Unfortunately in our role as Private Practice Building Surveyors and Expert Witnesses, we know that the alternative is true in some cases.

We have close links with a number of Consumer Organisations (typically – The Consumer Advice Society, Age Care UK) whereby consumers looking for reputable, honest trades people are directed to their Local MWCIA member.


The questions to ask customers before a sales person,
surveyor or installers attend

Being Aware

There are thousands upon thousands of consumers ‘hoodwinked’ by ‘rouge traders’ and ‘cowboy builders’ every week throughout the UK. These sort of practices do not only harm the industry generally, but also harm the legions of highly professional trades people who do provide good, professional services at a fair price with respect and politeness.

6 Star advantages of becoming a registered window installer

6 Star advantages of becoming a registered window installer

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